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Ahlmann logoAHLMANN Baumaschinen is from Kulmbach, Schleswig-Holstein, and manufactures compact swing and wheel loaders. Since 2002, AHLMANN belongs to the French construction equipment manufacturer, MECALAC S.A.


The history of AHLMANN Baumaschinen

The AHLMANN Carlshütte KG in Büdelsdorf started producing swing loaders in 1952. This was the beginning of AHLMANN Baumaschinen GmbH. The swing loader that was conceptualised by the company's head, Josef-Severin Ahlmann, was the first functional wheel loader in the world that could tip a load onto its side. In the 1960s, AHLMANN GmbH was the first manufacturer that produced a series of wheel loaders that were equipped with a power-driven hydrostatic drive. In 1972, the production of the swing loader was outsourced by CARLSHÜTTE KG, which is how AHLMANN Maschinenbau became the subsidiary company.


When AHLMANN Baumaschinen merged with the company MECALAC S.A., one of the most renowned manufacturers of mobile excavators in France, in 2002, they created the organisation MECALAC AHLMANN. At the beginning of 2012, AHLMANN was renamed MECALAC. Nowadays, their product range of loaders includes five swing loaders and one telescopic swing loader. In terms of excavators, customers can choose between seven different devices: three universal excavators and four multifunctional machines.

MECALAC Product Portfolio

AHLMANN MECALAC produces and sells, under the brand name MECALAC, compact construction machines like:

  • Swing loaders
  • Wheel loaders
  • Telescopic loader
  • Mobile excavator
  • Crawler excavators
  • Rail road excavators

MECALAC is the market leader for compact mobile excavators in France, and the worldwide leader of swing loaders.

MECALAC Services

All of MECALAC's products are conceptualised to be accessible and servicable without problems. Most of their products are equipped with CAN-Bus-Technology, which supports the customer service providers. Mecalac has also developed a diagnosis tool called Mecadiag, which helps identify what needs to be serviced. Their production facilities all have a spare parts storage area, including a regular supply of components that are seldom needed, so that customers can quickly acquire any components required.