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A world leader in the manufacture of overhead cranes and hoists, ABUS is a German company with a Europe-wide reach. Values of authenticity, skill, innovation, and scrupulous attention to detail make ABUS Crane Systems a smart choice when it comes to sourcing industrial cranes.

Company development and values

ABUS Crane Systems Ltd was founded in Wetter, Germany, in 1965 by Werner Bühne. It quickly made a name for itself with its highly reliable wire hoists, and by 1994 it has a strong customer base in not only Germany but Sweden, Spain, and the UK. ABUS is emphatically a family run and customer led business, which leads to a very personal sense of commitment to every customer's individual needs and aspirations.

Being passed down through the generations has enabled ABUS Cranes to maintain a continuous, and continuously successful, business strategy as well as providing scope for innovation and creativity. For example, whilst continuing to expand, in the early part of the twenty first century (2002-5), ABUS introduced its compact modular chain hoist. Similar interventions in the market have characterised the progress of ABUS over the years; for example in 2006-7, it launched its modular generation of end carriages to further enhance the strength and efficiency of its cranes and hoists. ABUS Cranes Germany brings not only half a century of experience to the industry, but also personal dedication and care.

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