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Used Mafell ZS200E for sale

General Specs

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Category: Chainsaws
Model: ZS200E
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Mafell
Model: ZS200E
Condition: Used
Dimensions Approx. 670 X 500 X 650 Mm
Weight Approx. 20 Kg

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Product description for Mafell ZS200E

Portable power saws generally fall into one of two categories being either simple chainsaws with good depth of cut but only suitable for rough work such as in arboriculture or circular saws producing more accurate straight cuts but with limited depth of cut. The German built MAFELL Model ZS200E bridges the gap between the two types and is an electric 14" chainsaw specially designed for high precision carpentry work. General Description This substantial saw measures approximately 670 x 500 x 650 mm and weighs 17.3 kg. Its inverted cutting table has an adjustable parallel fence and pivots up to 60 degrees left and right enabling it to be set for angled cuts. Operation is by conventional front and rear handles and is suitable for right or left handed users. Operating from a 230v 50 Hz supply and rated at 2.3 kW, it is suitable for continuous operation, maintaining constant speed under load with a cutting speed of approximately 14 m/s. It offers a good view of the saw chain and easy chain switch. Ideal for shaping of structural timbers, trimming plank ends or for general heavy duty cutting in a timber yard.