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Used Kubota U25 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Mini Excavators
Model: U25
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: U25
Condition: Used
Ground contact pressure psi (kgf/cm2) 3.32 (0.23)
Boom swing - angle Left / Right degree 75 / 55
Max. breakout force Bucket / Arm lbs. (kgf) 5765 (2615) / 2745 (1245)
ravel speed mph (km/h) 1.6 (2.5) / 2.9 (4.5)
Overall width ft. in. (mm) 4'11" (1500)
Max. drawbar pull lbs. (kgf) 6745 (3060)
Shoe width in. (mm) 11.8" (300)
Hydraulic system Pump capacity GPM (l/min) 7.6 (28.8) Piston 2 / 5.1 (19.2) Gear
Type of tracks Rubber
Operating weight (Including operator’s weight 175 lbs.) lbs. (kgf) 5625 (2550)
Min. ground clearance in. (mm) 11.2" (285)
Type of ROPS / OPG (Top Guard Level I) Canopy
Blade Width ft. in. (mm) 4'11" (1500)
Unit swing speed rpm 9.8
Auxiliary hydraulic flow GPM (l/min) 12.7 (48)
Blade Height in. (mm) 11.8" (300)
Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system) gal (l) 5.8 (22) / 9.8 (37)
Fuel reservoir gal (l) 7.4 (28)
Engine Output (SAE J1995 gross) HP (kW)/rpm 20.9 (15.6) / 2400
Tumbler distance ft. in. (mm) 5'1" (1560)
Engine Model Kubota D1105-E3
Overall length ft. in. (mm) 13'7" (4150)
Engine Output (SAE J1349 net) HP (kW)/rpm 19.8 (14.8) / 2400
Crawler length ft. in. (mm) 6'7" (2000)
Engine Displacement cu. in. (cc) 68.5 (1123)
Overall height ft. in. (mm) 7'11" (2420)

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U25 mini excavator by KUBOTA
U25 mini excavator by KUBOTA

The KUBOTA U25 Mini Excavator

The KUBOTA U25 is a high-performance mini excavator with low rear swing radius. The U25 mini excavator is powered by a KUBOTA diesel engine, which uses extremely low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The KUBOTA U25 can also convince with an increased dig depth that make it flexible. The production of the U25 compact mini excavator started in mid-2000. The U25 is available also in versions 3 and 3A. The smaller version of the U 25 is the KUBOTA U20 short backhoe.

The KUBOTA construction hydraulic system supports a secure straight extension and allows simultaneous work with the use of many hydraulic functions. Also the ability to maintain the engine has been improved, by making access to the major points of maintenance over the hood thus making it simple and easy to reach.

Data sheet download

Technical Data
Performance 21 PS / bei 2400 U/min
Displacement 1123 cm³
Swing speed 9,8 U/min
Dimensions (w x h) 1500 x 290 mm
Wheelbase 1560 mm
Bucket width 500 mm
Width d. rubber chain 300 mm

For more important information about the properties, technical data and other specs of the KUBOTA U 25, see the data sheet you can download for free as a PDF.

Download: Kubota U25 specification sheet

Buy  a used KUBOTA U25 Mini Excavator

The KUBOTA U25 mini excavator is often used and bought as a used machinery due to its manufacturer. The high quality of the materials and the construction standards makes for a good and long lasting machine. That is why on this type of machines its often advised to buy a used machinery to cut the costs of a new machine.