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Used Kubota KX61-3 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Mini Excavators
Model: KX61-3
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: KX61-3
Condition: Used
Engine: Kubota, 4 cyl. diesel
Weight: 3,600.00 lbs
Division: Mining & Construction
Wheelbase: 00000000
Management: Non -controlled
Gross weight: 5,732 lbs
Classification: B
Subcategory: Excavators

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KUBOTA KX61-3 Mini Excavator offers new levels of performance

kubota-kx61-3 mini excavator
kubota-kx61-3 mini excavator

This KUBOTA mini excavator powerful and adaptable with the biggest digging depth in the 2.5 ton weight class. Some features in construction machines are particularly prominent. One must pay particular attention to performance power, that it's equipped with a long dipper, the KX61-3 has the largest digging depth and reach of all mini-excavators in this weight class. Is also in the tensile forces on the bucket teeth and the KUBOTA KX61-3 bucket is no.1 among the competitors in its class. Even when it comes to the stability or high lifting capacity of the mini excavator, it is easy to lift a certain weight up to 500 kg. A KUBOTA compact excavator, which to a powerful, robust, easy to use and safe working unit to 100% satisfies all requirements.

Technical Details and Features in the KUBOTA KX61-3

Mini excavator kubota-kx61-3
Mini excavator kubota-kx61-3

Regulate variable axial piston pumps, depending on load, work situation and control the axial piston pumps the required hydraulic oil flow to the mini excavator. The great efficiency of the axial piston allows maximum performance for digging and grading operations while reducing fuel consumption and sensitive machine control, that makes the vibration and operating noise significantly lower.

KUBOTA KX61-3 spec chart
KUBOTA KX61-3 spec chart

Easy maintenance is possible due to the additional maintenance cover, the wide-opening bonnet and the side service door gives an easy accessibility to the corresponding components, all maintenance repair work can be carried out quickly and easily.

KUBOTA KX61-3 Specs are Importent for You

Weight class 2-3 t
Operating weight 2485-2600 kg
Overall width 1400 mm
Transport length  4270/4310 mm
Height  2410 mm
Digging depth 2490/2740 mm
Engine Power 18,2 KW/24,8 PS
Speed  2,8/4,4 km/h

When looking for a used mini excavator such as this KUBOTA KX61-3 you must consider and review the machine's specifications. This will help you avoid more and unpredictable charges that related to the transport of the used excavator. Here is a a small table of the basic specs but if you want some more details please download the KUBOTA KX61-3 PDF sheet with more information right here: KUBOTA KX61-3 specification PDF