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Market Overview:

Used Kubota KX36-3 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Mini Excavators
Model: KX36-3
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: KX36-3
Condition: Used
Type: Mini excavators
Engine: D782-BH
Track width: 0.75 feet
Engine power: 12 hp
Gross weight: 3,527 lbs
Output of the auxiliary hydraulics: 27 l/min
Subcategory: Excavators

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Logo KubotaThe Kubota KX36-3 mini excavator is a versatile excavator which lets you take on a variety of tasks. Manufactured by Kubota, the industry leader for mini diggers with 30 years of experience in excavator development, the KX36-3 is a digger of choice in the utility sector and construction industry due to its high reliability, stability and arm reach. It is ideal for all building applications and operated from landscaping to civil engineering.

Powerful digging force. Increased dig depth. Spacious cabin.

The Kubota KX36-3 mini digger offers a powerful bucket digging force, well-protected boom-cylinder and hydraulic hoses, and a comfortable cabin. 

Kubota KX36-3 Product Pictures

Mini Excavator Kubota KX36-3
Kubota KX36-3 Mini Excavator
Kubota KX36-3 for sale
Kubota KX36-3 For Sale
Kubota KX36-3 mini digger
Kubota KX36-3 Mini Digger
Kubota KX36-3
Kubota KX36-3 Cabin with Bucket


The Kubota KX36-3 has a width of 99 cm, a dig depth of 2.2 m, a height of 2.3 m with beacon and a weight of 1490 kg. It is thus small enough  to be used easily on the pavement or in a back garden. The KX36-3 model from Kubota is able to pack a 7.2 kN tear-out force at the arm and a 13 kN digging force at bucket. It features rubber tracks, 3 cylinders, a Kubota engine and a Sttzschild bucket. In addition, the KX36-3 is equipped with the Kubota "anti-theft" system.

Kubota KX36-3 Technical Specs

 Operating weight  1,52 t
 Engine manufacturer  Kubota
 Engine type  D782BH
 Equipment dimensions (LxWxH)   3,67x0,99x2,28 m 
 Engine power  9 kW
 Bucket capacity  0,035 m³
 Total width  990 mm
 Track/Tyres  230 mm
 Revolutions at max torque  2.300 min-1
 Reach horizontal  3,78 m
 Dregding depth  2,23 m
 Digging Force at Bucket  7,2 kN
 Digging Force at Arm  13 kN
 Bucket width  0,4 m


You can find below all the exact dimensions of the Kubota KX36-3.

Dimensions of Kubota KX36-3

Dimensions Kubota KX36-3


When looking for used Kubota KX36-3 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that you are in full possession of all the information about this machine. Here is the KX36-3 Brochure and Specs available, best as PDF to download.

Presentation Video of Kubota KX36-3