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Market Overview:

Used Kubota BX25 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Loader Excavators
Model: BX25
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: BX25
Condition: Used
Max. road speed (mph) 8.1
Boom lift capacity. end. @ ground (lbs) 448
Dump clearance @ full height discharge (ft/in) 4' 4"
Transport height (ft/in) 7' 3"
Transport width (ft/in) 4' 0"
Hydraulic pump flow (gpm) 6.2
Standard operating weight (lbs) 2.700
Net power (hp) 20.4
Loader bucket breakout force (lbs) 992
Bucket digging force (lbs) 1.936
Relief valve pressure (psi) 1.778
Engine model D902
Backhoe Reach from swing pivot. fixed stick (ft/in) 8' 6"
Number of drive wheels 4WD
BackhoeLoading height. standard stick (ft/in) 5' 0"
Backhoe bucket capacity range (cu ft) 0.40 - 0.69
Number of speeds (fwd/rev) 2 Range
Loader bucket capacity. SAE heaped (cu yds) 0.18
Standard transmission type HS
Backhoe bucket widths. min-Max. (in) 8" - 12"
Steering configuration* 2WS
Dipper (stick) digging force. end. standard stick (lbs) 1.171
Turning radius @ curb. 4WD. brakes off (ft/in) 7' 6"
Lift capacity @ full height (lbs) 745
Engine make Kubota
Transport length (ft/in) 14' 6"
Backhoe Max. dig depth. SAE. standard stick (ft/in) 6' 2"

Kubota BX25 from other providers

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Kubota BX25 logo

The KUBOTA BX25 Utility Tractor

The KUBOTA BX25 was manufactured between 2009 and 2013 and is part of the BX60 series. This model comes fully equipped with a 0.9 litre engine that produces 23 horsepower at an impressive 3,200 rpm. The engine of the KUBOTA BX25 tractor loader backhoe also produces 18 PTO and has a lift capacity of 670 pounds, while the maximum speed is 8.4 miles per hour. The turning radius is also good at 90 inches and this model is very easy to steer.

KUBOTA BX25 utility tractor
KUBOTA BX25 utility tractor

KUBOTA BX25 Specifications

Technical Details
Engine Kubota 0.9L 3-cyl diesel
Fuel Capacity 6.6 gal [25.0 L]
Weight 2700 lbs [1224 kg] 
Front tire 18x8.5-10
Rear tire 26x12-12
Length 95.5 inches [242 cm] 
Width 44.5 inches [113 cm] 

The fuel capacity of this model is 25 litres in total. The model features a two forward speed gear complete with hydrostatic transmission as well as a wet clutch as standard. The model comes with a large number of attachments such as a loader and backhoe. The loader has a height to pin of 181 centimetres and has a good dump reach of 66 centimetres. The loading height is 152 centimetres, while the bucket force is 878kgs and the dipperstick force is 531kgs.

Download: KUBOTA BX25 backhoe tractor specifications PDF data sheet

Reasons to Buy KUBOTA BX25 Backhoe Tractor

The recent manufacture date of this model means that there are currently a large number of models of the KUBOTA BX25 for sale. This is a very durable model and parts for the KUBOTA BX25 tractor loader backhoe are still easy to come by. People who are looking for a used KUBOTA BX25 for sale should be able to get a great deal, although it is a good idea to inspect the model carefully before purchasing.