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Market Overview:

Used Kaeser M43 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Air Compressors
Model: M43
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kaeser
Model: M43
Condition: Used
engine speed at full load 2800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 80 L
Working pressure bar 7
Make Kubota
Free air delivery 4.2 m³/min
Operational weight 730 kg
Air outle 2 x G¾
Model V1505-T
Sound pressure level dB(A) 96
Sound power level dB(A) < 98
motor 4-cylinder diesel engine
Rated engine power 30.1 kW

Kaeser M43 from other providers

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Air Compressor at Its Best - KAESER M43 

kaeser company logoTypical and common choice for the KAESER M43 to be used with are compressed air hammers and borers. The robust construction from premium quality components ensure trouble-free operation at temperatures between -10 and + 50 ° C. Its even possible to use in temperatures as low as -25 ° C, there is is also a version of the air compressor designed specificity for very low temperatures available. The chassis is also very versatile; this is optionally available with fixed or adjustable draw bar, but also with or without inertia. For stationary use the installed either on skids or machine can be supplied (all stationary systems feature a metal enclosure).

KAESER M43 air compressor
KAESER M43 air compressor

The basis for the excellent performance of the KAESER M43, it is energy efficient, slow-running KAESER screw aired with SIGMA profile. There are no transmission losses through direct drive, ie due to its direct connection to the water-cooled four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. Separate air filters for engine and compressor: The air filters are tailored to the personal needs air and ensure a reliable system operation. A further important design detail is the electric fuel pump, which allows the diesel pipes can be bled easily. This saves the exhausting pumping by hand.

KAESER M43 Special Featuers

The M43 air compressor control is with a start switch that uses a preheat function and had clear icons visible and simple. The installation is automatically monitored and independently switched off in case of failure. Pressure gauge and display the block output temperature provide information about the operating status. Patented Anti-Frost Control for portable compressors adjusts operating temperature in relation to current ambient. This protects compressed air tools from freezing and extends the air compressor's life. Another addition is the large opening angle of the hood simplifies access to the intuitive technology makes it entirely maintenance.

Open KAESER M43 air compressor
Open KAESER M43 air compressor

Download: KAESER M43 air compressor specs sheet

Condition level grade  5 (out of 5)
Compressor output 4,2 m3/min
Working pressure 7 bar
CE marked Yes
Engine Kubota V1505-T
Gross weight 1,609 lbs
Compressor output 148cfm @ 100psi m3/min

On the clearly outlined control panel, the user always has an eye on everything. Monitor the system on and off in case of malfunctions occur automatically. Special preheat function ensures reliable, gentle start when the temperatures are cold. The operator is guided by easily comprehensible pictograms. The optimal sizing of the compressor and motor separately for Kom existing air fi lter results in increased reliability and longevity; faster filter change is possible on site