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Market Overview:

Used Kaeser M100 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Air Compressors
Model: M100
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kaeser
Model: M100
Condition: Used
Operating weight (lbs) 3225
Engine power (hp) 90
Engine model V3800
Length. incl. towbar (in) 159"
Width (in) 70"
Fuel tank capacity (gal) 40
Height. incl. tailpipe (in) 60"
Working pressure (psig) 100
Engine make Kubota

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KAESER M100 Compressor

KAESER M100 air compressor
KAESER M100 air compressor

The KAESER M100 is a versatile compressor that can be adjusted to suit the particular needs of what is required. The options that can be used with the KAESER M100 include air treatment parts, synchronous generator in three phases and fully galvanised chassis, including overrun brake. The height of the tow bar is adjustable to suit the size of the vehicle towing.

KAESER M100 Specifications and Dimensions

Technical specifications
Weight 1480 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 4405x1780x1515 mm
Sound pressure level 69 dB(A)
Sound power level 99 dB(A)
Open engine M100 from KAESER
Open engine M100 from KAESER

The KAESER M100 specifications state that the instrument and control panel as very user-friendly and easy to operate. The panel can be fitted with a cover flap to enable any required information to be available at a glance. The KAESER M100 has automatic shutdown and monitoring systems. The unique combination exchanging manual idling to full operational load with a pre-heat function start, gives 100 per cent reliability even in very cold conditions.

The KAESER m 100 has a water cooled Kubota V3800 Di-T diesel engine with a rated power delivery of 71.7 kilowatts. The KAESER m 100 has an operational weight of 1480 kilograms. The fuel tank capacity of the KAESER m 100 is 150 litres. The speed at full load is 2600 rpm. The compressed air connection is 3 x G¾, 1x G 1½.