Market Overview:

Used John Deere Z425 for sale

General Specs

Category: Sit-on mowers
Model: Z425
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: Z425
Condition: Used
Width: 54 in
Engine type: Gas
Subcategory: Riding Mowers

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Product description for John Deere Z425

The JOHN DEERE Z425 is the perfect modern mower for any residential or commercial lawn. Dispensing with the traditional shape of the sit down mower, the JD Z425 combines comfort with efficiency; instead of the usual steering wheel, the JOHN DEERE Z425 mower contains side bars that control movement and function with buttons built in to give the true feeling of being in charge. Features of the JOHN DEERE Eztrak Z425 Like most products from their range, the JOHN DEER Z425 is packed with features, including, but not limited to: On the spot turning through front caster wheels 122cm cutting width Twin cylinder engine with cooling fan for a smoother, quieter ride Top speed of 8.5mph The Z425 JOHN DEERE also has a wealth of smaller benefits that make riding and mowing more manageable; a transluscent fuel tank allows the user to monitor fuel levels in real time, and it is very easy to buy JOHN DEERE Z425 parts to facilitate mulching and chopping as well as just mowing. The JOHN DEERE Z425 specs really are wide and varied. Finding a JOHN DEERE Z425 For Sale The JD Z425 is a newer model in the JOHN DEERE range, and so many retailers will have a new JOHN DEERE Z425 for sale rather than used ones. However, it is possible to find a used JOHN DEERE Z425 for sale with low mileage for a surprisingly low amount; the traditional sit down mower is still a favourite, and so this alternative model can present a real bargain for the savvy shopper. The model has been unchanged since release, meaning parts are easy to source both new and used. The JOHN DEERE Eztrak Z425 really is an underrated gem of the JOHN DEERE range.