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Used John Deere F525 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sit-on mowers
Model: F525
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: F525
Condition: Used
Type: Lawn Tractor

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Product description for John Deere F525

The JOHN DEERE F525 front mower is a compact yet versatile piece of kit. With a removable front plate The JD F525 can be turned into anything from a mower to a snowblower, making it a multi-seasonal necessity for any home or business with a large landscape to take care of. Features of the JOHN DEERE F525 Lawn Mower Despite it's small size, the F525 JOHN DEERE mower has a large amount of features. The main feature of JOHN DEERE F525 lawn mower is that it is an affordable sit down mower that comes at an affordable price. However, the biggest benefit is the removable 48" front plate. This makes the JOHN DEER F525 a truly multi faceted machine, but the other big bonuses are: Three wheel design, ensuring a 'zero turn' function Power flow adjuster Optional bagger 17 BHP engine Main flipper control For a small mower, the JOHN DEERE F525 specs are quite numerous. Buying a JOHN DEERE F525 Mower for sale The F525 JOHN DEERE has been in supply since the mid to late 1980s, and as such, has sold millions of units with relatively few changes to each edition of the model. It can therefore feel daunting finding a JOHN DEERE F525 mower for sale, and knowing what to look for, but the models are very similar and the only real difference is their age. It is very easy to buy JOHN DEERE F525 mowers and parts used and from the first models up to present day editions. Furthermore, due to their plentiful nature, finding a used JOHN DEERE F525 for sale is not an expensive task; they can be found for a surprisingly low financial outlay on TradeMachines for a later year model with very little mileage, and with a history of light duties. The added benefit of finding a JOHN DEERE F525 for sale is that, due to the model's range of uses, sellers will often have an array of extras to throw in with the mower; baggers, snow shovels and even leaf blower extensions are not uncommon and are model specific, so these bundled items can mean picking up this mower presents a real saving. Aftercare for this model is widely available and parts are nearly always readily in stock. There really are no complications to this model; it's a simple case of ride it, enjoy it and send it in for an easy repair or service when needed. Infact, the only real job for the buyer is to sit down and enjoy the easy landscaping that this mower brings.