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Used John Deere 6920 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Tractors
Model: 6920
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 6920
Condition: Used
Drive: Fourwheel drive
Speed: 40 km/h
Vendor: commercial
Platform: Driver\'s cab
Front hydraulic: yes
Air conditioning: Air conditioning
Power shift gear: yes
Sprungfront axle: yes
Number of cylinders: 6
Control device double: 4
Hydraulic front equipment: yes
Compressed air brake system: yes
Electronic lifting gear control: yes

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Logo John Deere
Manufacturer of John Deere 6920 Tractor

The JOHN DEERE 6920 is a 150 hp (111.9 kW) utility tractor that was manufactured from 2001 to 2006. On the JOHN DEERE 6929S variant, which was produced over the same period, the net power of the engine was 160 hp (119.3 kW). In total, 4,867 models were sold in the UK.

Under the Bonnet of a JOHN DEERE 6920 for Sale

Part of the 6020 Series from JOHN DEERE, there are still many quality models of the JOHN DEERE 6920 for sale. This tractor is popular for farming arable land where efficient ploughing is required (see JOHN DEERE 6920 reviews for more detailed information). Powering the JD 6920 is a six-cylinder, turbocharged 6.8L engine, which was upgraded for the second half of the model’s production run to include a cylinder head with four valves and a common-rail injection system.

JOHN DEERE 6920 Specs for the Transmission

The engine power of the 6920 JOHN DEERE is harnessed by a Powrquad Plus 20F/20R standard transmission, which is easy to control from the enclosed cab. There are five mechanical ranges to this transmission, each with four speeds on a 40 km/h unit. While navigating a bumpy field, the JOHN DEERE 6920 specifications for under the tractor ensure a safe and comfortable ride. In particular, the Triple Link Suspension can overcome bumps and holes while supporting the 12,965 lbs (5880 kg) weight of this JOHN DEER 6920 model, helped also by large front and back tyres measuring 16.9 and 20.8 inches in diameter.

Comfort and Control with a Used JOHN DEERE 6920

To the rear of a used JOHN DEERE 6920 Premium, you will find that the 3-point hitch can lift a generous 18,520 lbs (8400 kg), rotate implements at 540 and 1000 RPM, and control tools using precise electronic draft control. All these features of the JOHN DEERE 6920 tractor can be comfortably controlled from the air conditioned cab, which has well-places dials and controls and the option for smooth hydraulic suspension.

JOHN DEERE 6920 Pictures

Tractor John Deere 6920 for Sale
Farm Tractor John Deere 6920 for Sale
Used JD 6920 Utility Tractor
Used JD 6920 Utility Tractor
6920 John Deere in Action
6920 John Deere in Action

 Video of JOHN DEERE 6920 Ploughing