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Used John Deere 2720 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Utility Tractors
Model: 2720
Condition: Used
Download: Technical data sheet

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 2720
Condition: Used
Weight w/o attachment 0.915 t
Standard tyres VR 23x8.50-14 HR 36x14.00-15
Equipment dimensions .l/w/h 2,38x1,36x2,264 m
Engine manuf. Yanmar
Engine power 23.4 kW
Transmission hydr.
Steering mode F
Attachment M/H
Speed 22 km/h

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 Model  John Deere 2720
 Manufacturer Logo John Deere
 Production Period  2008 - 2012
 Series  2000 Twenty
 Engine  23.1 kW (31.4 hp) Yanmar liquid-cooled
 Electrical Type   12 volt
 Transmission  Hydro - 2 range
 Hydraulics Type  Open center
 Weight  895 kg (1,973 lbs)

The JOHN DEERE 2720 for sale was manufactured between 2008 and 2012 and is part of the company’s 2000 Twenty Series. This model is especially designed for people who demand nothing but the best performance possible but also want a compact design. The JOHN DEERE 2720 delivers 31.4 hp (23.4 kW) and has been constantly exceeding customer expectations and receiving rave reviews. The three-cylinder diesel engine is liquid cooled and has a fuel capacity of 1.6 litres. Particularly thanks to the cruise control, the vehicle is very easy to manoeuvre, making it the ideal vehicle for people who have fairly small plots of land that want a vehicle that really delivers. The JOHN DEERE 4WD tractor is also very durable and goes the distance with very little effort.

JOHN DEER 2720 Specs

The JOHN DEERE 2720 tractor has an operating weight of 894 kg (1,973 lbs) and a maximum capacity of 1,980 kg (4,366 lbs). The wheelbase of the model measures a mighty 165 centimetres (65.2 inches), while its total length is 276 cm (108.9 in). The four-wheel drive turn radius of the vehicle is particularly impressive at 2.5 metres (8.2 feet), which climbs to 3.5 metres (7.5 feet) when the brakes are applied. As regards the JOHN DEERE 2720 specifications, the height at the hood is 119 centimetres, while the standard folding ROPS height is 227 centimetres (89.7 inches) by 175 centimetres (68.9 in).

Download John Deere 2720 Specifications as a PDF-file.


Why Should you Buy JOHN DEERE 2720?

People who are looking for a 2720 JOHN DEERE for sale can find a large number in excellent condition. The JOHN DEERE 2720 price will usually depend on the exact year that it was manufactured as well as the condition it is in. Because this is still a relatively recent and desirable model, people who pick up a JOHN DEERE 2720 4WD compact tractor will usually find that it is in excellent condition, although it is still a good idea to look at the vehicle carefully before purchasing.

Pictures of JOHN DEERE 2720

John Deere 2720 Compact  Tractor
John Deere 2720 Compact Utility Tractor
John Deere 2720 4WD Tractor with Front Loader
John Deere 2720 4WD Tractor w. Front End Loader

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