Amazon vs. Uber

Two giants disrupting logistics

Autonomous trucks and cars, delivery drones, on-demand services… Logistics is changing!
Discover here how Uber and Amazon are disrupting this $8.1tn market.

Amazon vs. Uber - Two giants disrupting logistics

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Amazon’s $1.5 Billion Air Cargo Hub Will Likely Create 2,000 Jobs in This State:
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Top Ten Air Cargo Companies Of The World Who Maintained Their Standards In 2016:
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Amazon Prime Air:
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Amazon wants to build a network of mobile drone maintenance and delivery platforms:
Amazon patents beehive-like structure to house delivery drones in cities:
Amazon is thinking about using its delivery drones to scan your house to sell you more stuff:
Uber delivers ice cream by drones to delighted Singaporeans:
Don’t expect uplift in delivery drones for years, says Gartner:
7-Eleven beats Google and Amazon to the first regular commercial drone delivery service in the U.S.:


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