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Market Overview:

Used Husqvarna K 970 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Hand Machines
Model: K 970
Condition: Used

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HUSQVARNA K970 Circular Saw

Technical specifications
  Weight   10.9 to 11.9 kg
  Blade diameter   350/400 mm
  Cutting depth   124/145 mm
  Bush diameter   20 / 25.4 mm
  Sound pressure level   104 dB (A)
  Sound power level   115 dB (A)

The HUSQVARNA K970 chainsaw is a sturdy, light and reliable power cutter that is your first choice when you need all-around cutting performance in the toughest of conditions. The HUSQVARNA k970 gives a consistent cut even with fuel and climate variations. The cutter is 100 per cent suitable for any type of flatwork.

Performance of the HUSQVARNA k970 chainsaw

Because of the uniquely designed carburetor and the ignition system which is digital, the k970 HUSQVARNA is very easy to start, even when it has not been used for a long period. The k970 HUSQVARNA has a tough Poly-V belt which when combined with the company's maintenance free DuraStarter, and filter system means that maintenance is minimal, with long service intervals. There is terrific dust control with a progressive valve that can alternate water volume to reduce slurry effectively and bind the dust.

Husqvarna k970 chainsaw
Husqvarna k970 circular saw side view
Husqvarna k970 chainsaw
Husqvarna k970 circular saw back view
Husqvarna k970 chainsaw
Husqvarna k970 circular saw

Applications for the HUSQVARNA k970

The HUSQVARNA k970 price includes the ability for use as a cutter for minor adjustments around the home such as doors and windows, as well as asphalt cutting in roadworks. It can cut very quickly through paving stones, blocks, and curbstones. The HUSQVARNA k970 price includes the capability to cut all kinds of pipes, floors and walls and ground to bury cables.

With low emissions and fuel consumption plus a retractable blade, this is a professional tool for all types of cutting jobs.