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Used Ford 8N for sale

General Specs

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Category: Utility Tractors
Model: 8N
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Ford
Model: 8N
Condition: Used
Brakes manual drum
Fuel tank 10 gal [37.9 L]
Ag rear 47027
Engine Power 23.16 hp [17.3 kW]
Volts 6
Chassis 4x2 2WD
Compression 4.75
Cab Open operator station.
Exhaust valve clearance 0.014 inches [0.356 mm] - 0.016 cold
Length 115 inches [292 cm]
Transmission Sherman Combination Transmission
Hydraulic system 5 gal [18.9 L]
Rear tire 47027
Coolant capacity 12 qts [11.4 L]
Oil type 32oF [0oC]?
Width 64.75 inches [164 cm]
Gears 12 forward and 3 reverse
Rated RPM 2000
Torque RPM 1500
Pump flow 2.85 gpm [10.8 lpm]
Wheelbase 70 inches [177 cm]
PTO (tested) 23.24 hp [17.3 kW]
Weight (shipping) 2.410 lbs [1093 kg]
Ag front 4.00-19
Steering mechanical
Ground positive
Weight 2410 to 4043 pounds
Bore/Stroke 3.188x3.75 inches [81 x 95 mm]
Amp-hours 80
Drawbar (tested) 21.95 hp [16.4 kW]
Rear RPM 545 (1.125)
Charging amps 20
Rear PTO transmission
Front tire 4.00-19
Sparkplug gap 0.025 inches [0.635 mm]
Ground clearance 13 inches [33 cm]
Intake valve clearance 0.010 inches [0.254 mm] - 0.012 cold
Height 70 inches [177 cm]
Starter volts 6
Oil capacity 20 qts [18.9 L]
Charging system generator
Torque 92 lb-ft [124.8 Nm]
Weight (ballasted) 4.043 lbs [1833 kg]
Belt (tested) 25.77 hp [19.2 kW]
Pressure 1700 psi [117.2 bar]
Weight (operating) 2.717 lbs [1232 kg]
Capacity 5 gal [18.9 L]
Firing order 1-2-4-3
Point gap 0.015 inches [0.381 mm]
PTO (claimed) 27.32 hp [20.4 kW]
Rear lift 800 lbs [362 kg]
2WD turn radius 8 feet [2.4 m]

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Logo Ford TractorThe Ford 8N was introduced in 1947 and manufactured until 1952 by Ford. 442,035 units were built during that period. Painted lighter shade of gray on the sheetmetal and bright red cast iron on the body, the 8N was proved to be the top-selling farm tractor of all time in North America. Also part of the N-series tractors, it has been differentiated from the 9N and 2N models with the change in lugs from six to eight in the rear wheels.

The Ford 8N tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder gas engine producing 23.2 PTO hp (17.3 kW) and 27.3 drawbar horsepower (20.4 kW). The 8N from Ford uses Ferguson hydraulic-controlled three-point hitch and includes a 4-speed constant mesh transmission instead of a 3-speed in the 2N and 9N. Please notice that the 8N must be stopped and clutch used to shift between gears. It also features a "position-control" setting for the hydraulics in order to improve flexibility in varying soil conditions. The Ford 8N was equipped with running boards, a 2WD chassis, a side-mounted distributor, a Proofmeter (combining speedmeter, hour meter and tachometer) and a flip-up seat. It was the first Ford tractor to feature a clutch on the left side and independent brakes on the right. The Ford 8N utility tractor is characterized by helical gears using through out transmission, brake pedals both on right side, recirculating ball steering, raised steering wheel position, as well as rounded rear wheels and small hub front wheels. 

Main dimensions of Ford 8N tractor:

  • Length: 115 in (292 cm)
  • Width: 64.75 in (164 cm)
  • Height: 54.5 in (138 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 70 inches (177 cm)
  • Operating Weight: 2,717 lbs (1232 kg)
  • Weight: 2,410 lbs (1093 kg)

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