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Used Ford 4000 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Utility Tractors
Model: 4000
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Ford
Model: 4000
Condition: Used
Brakes mechanical wet disc
Location Right side. behind starter on clutch housing.
Fuel tank 16 gal [60.6 L]
Ag rear 14044
Engine Power 41 hp [30.6 kW] (early)
Volts 12
Chassis 4x2 2WD
Compression 16.5
Next model Ford 4600
Height (exhaust) 84.75 inches [215 cm]
Exhaust valve clearance 0.017-0.019 inches [0.432 mm] (hot)
Length 137 inches [347 cm]
Number 1
Transmission Select-O-Speed
Hydraulic system 8.4 gal [31.8 L] (transmission PTO)
Rear tire 13982
Coolant capacity 14 qts [13.2 L]
Width 67.5 inches [171 cm]
Gears 10 forward and 2 reverse
Air cleaner dry
Rated RPM 2200
Pump flow 5 gpm [18.9 lpm]
Wheelbase 84.5 inches [214 cm]
PTO (tested) 52.65 hp [39.3 kW]
Ag front 7.50-16
Steering hydraulic power
Ground negative
Height (steering wheel) 63 inches [160 cm]
Weight 4885 to 8215 pounds
Bore/Stroke 4.4094x4.4094 inches [112 x 112 mm]
Amp-hours 80 (gas)
Drawbar (tested) 47.57 hp [35.5 kW]
Rear RPM 540
Charging amps 22
Rear PTO transmission
Front tire 6.00-16
Sparkplug gap 0.023-0.027 inches [0.584 mm]
Clutch hydraulic wet disc
Ground clearance 17.25 inches [43 cm]
Plows 4
Steering press. 800 psi [55.2 bar]
Intake valve clearance 0.014-0.016 inches [0.356 mm] (hot)
Starter volts 12
Oil capacity 12.3 qts [11.6 L]
Charging system generator
Weight (ballasted) 8.215 lbs [3726 kg]
Steering flow 4.5 gpm [17.0 lpm]
Pressure 2500 psi [172.4 bar]
Weight (operating) 4.885 lbs [2215 kg]
Capacity 8.4 gal [31.8 L] (transmission PTO)
Firing order 37653
Point gap 0.022-0.028 inches [0.559 mm]
PTO (claimed) 45 hp [33.6 kW] (early)
Rear lift 3200 lbs [1451 kg]
Type open
2WD turn radius 11.5 feet [3.5 m]

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ford 4000 tractor

Founded: June 16, 1903
Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan US
ford 4000 utility tractor
FORD 4000 utility tractor

 In November 1915, Henry Ford organized the Henry Ford and Son Company to develop a farm tractor and build a tractor factory, because the other stockholders of the Ford Motor Company didn’t want their rich dividends diluted by the cost of developing a tractor.By 1964, a whole new Ford tractor range included no less than three tractors featuring a three-cylinder motor, including the best-selling Ford 4000. No other tractor manufacturer embraced the power of three to the same extent as Ford and the success of the 4000 model and its successors proved they were right!

History: The early 4000 line was sold into 1965 though production stopped in 1964 when the U.S. assembly line transitioned to build the new designs. Nearly 10,000 four-cylinder 4000s were built. Ford collectors generally differentiate the two versions by calling the older unit the “4000 four-cylinder” and the later one the “4000 three-cylinder,” or sometimes the “Basildon 4000,” after the plant in England where they were designed and built.

Used Ford 4000 Tractor At Second Hand Market

This famous tractor you can't buy a new anymore. even though its production days are long gone, you can still consider this piece of tractor history a good and reliable tractor. Used Ford 4000 are plenty to find in the second-hand market and most of them are in good and unuseable condition. Find in our wide selection of used Ford 4000 tractor from different second-hand sellers and auction houses, compare prices and specs and find the machine that's right for your farm.

Tractor Dimensions 
Wheelbase   84.5 in
 Height  to top of steering wheel 63.0 in
over hood 57.5 in
 Length overall front of front tire to end of lower hitch links  137.5 in
Width overall @ 52-in. tread setting 67.5 in
 Ground clearance  under front axle 19.5 in
under transmission housing 17.3 in
 Front wheel tread - adjustable 52 to 80 in
 Rear wheel tread   with manually adjustable wheels 52 to 80 in
with power adjustable wheels  56 to 90 in
Turning radius   with brakes 10 ft
without brakes 11.5 ft
 Turning clearance  with brakes 21.0 ft
without brake

24.25 ft

Ford 4000 Engine Specs

  • Gasoline Engine: - Type - In-line vertical, overhead valve. No. of cylinders, 3. Rated speed, rpm 2.200. Bore 4.4 in. Stroke 4.4 in. Displacement, 201 cu. in. Compression ratio, 7.75:1.
  • Diesel Engine: - Type- In-line vertical, open combustion chamber, with cold starting aid. No. of cylinders, 3. Rated speed rpm 2.200. Bore 4.4 in. Stroke 4.4 in. Displacement,201 Compression ratio 16.5:1.
  • Cylinder Block: - Heavy-duty cast iron with deep skirts and heavy ribs.
  • Crankshaft - Four main, hardened  bearing journals. Journals length, in., 1.46. Diameter in. 3.37.
  • Connecting rods - Massive, forged I-beam. Piston bushing - bronze on a steel backing.
  • Bearings - Sleeve-type, over - plated copper - lead or aluminum alloy, main bearings.
  • Pistons - Aluminum alloy, with firm precision to resist wear and extend ring life.
  • Pistons rings - One oil ring and two compression rings per piston.Diesel three compression rings. All rings except the lower compression ring are chrome-plated.
  • Piston pin - Floating type. Length, in., 3.5. Outside diameter, in., 1.5.
  • Piston travel - 1,630  fpm @ 2,200 engine rpm.
  • Valves - Positive rotators  on exhaust valves. Hardened valve seat inserts.
  • Camshaft - High-lift, flat follower type.

Tractor Capacities

Fuel tank

16 gal
Engine lubrication with filter  8 qt
Transmission 8 speed 13.2 qt
10 speed 12.3 qt
Cooling system 14 qt
Rear axle and hydraulic system with independent PTO 32.4 qt
with transmission PTO 33.6 qt
  • Cylinders - Sleeveless design increases the rigidity of block, transfers heat quickly to the liquid coolant.
  • Engine lubrication - Press - sized system- Main bearings, connecting rod bearings, and camshaft bearings pressure lubricated.Rocker arms, pressure lubricated (intermittent). Piston pin bearings, cylinder walls, and tappets splash lubricated.Timing drive, squirt lubricated. Push rods, lubricated by drip from rocker arms. Fixed screen intake. 300-hr, 2-qt oil filter, with replacement element.
  • Carburetor - Single venturi, updraft type. Accelerating well and power valve.Fuel inlet screen.
  • Fuel filter - Disc element and sediment bowl.Injection pump (diesel) - Distributor type with a mechanical governor. Fuel filter - replaceable paper element.
  • Air cleaner - Dry type (gasoline). Diameter 6.5 in. Rated air flow 100 cfm. Oil bath (diesel). Rated air flow 140 cfm. Capacity 2.65 pt.
  • Pooling system - Fan, pump circulated pressurized coolant, thermostat-controlled with by-pas. Full-length water jackets. Tube-and-fin radiator, with pressure cap., 28 gpm. Thermostat, open temperature, 168 deg. F; full open 192 deg F.
  • Electrical starting and ignition - key starter switch and transmission safety lock. Starting motor with positive engagement drive assembly. Centrifugal and vacuum spark advance. Voltage and current regulator. Battery (gasoline), 12-volt, 80-amp-hr (diesel), 128-amp-hr. Ventilated type generator, capacity, 22 amp.
  • Injection nozzles (diesel) - 4-orifice type, accessible without removing the valve cover.