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Used Flott TB 13 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Bench Drills
Model: TB 13
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Flott
Model: TB 13
Condition: Used
Speed (continuously variable/digitally controlled) 40-4.000 1/min
Dimensions of machine (WxDxH) 400 x 520 x 850 mm
Weight 62 kg
T-slots size (machine base) 2 cross slots width dimension 14/26 mm
Spindel B 16. optional MK II, Drilling deph

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Flott TB13 Drill

Standard equipment:

Standard equipment includes a thread cutter cutting power TB 13 Plus with maximum M8 Tapping depth on the digital depth display adjustable. An LED lights and emergency stop switches are as much equipment as the drill protection electrically secured. The speed control is working continuously.

The control panel with display

is characterized by clarity. The knob is at the center. The mode can be adjusted between drilling and tapping.The display of drilling depth (target / actual) and speed is very precise. A counting function for drilling strokes and a power-saving mode make life easier. The OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is rich in contrast, legible from almost any angle.

   Spindle    B 16, optional MK II
   Depth    60 mm
   Tapping capacity    max. M8
   Speed ​​display    digital
   Depth indicator    digital
   Depth stop    Stop ring (form-fitting)
   Feed    by hand
   Table height adjustment    with rack


Download the pdf brochure here:TB13_flott_manual.pdf 


Flott TB13 Drill Video

Product description for Flott TB 13

The FLOTT tb13 table top Model drill can be used on the factory floor for various medium production work. The drill has been made to a very high standard, and can be used to deliver perfect results, time after time to exact specifications. The FLOTT tb13 product details The FLOTT tb13 is constructed from heavy duty steel and has a 17-inch base that is made of cast-iron. The drill has an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display unit that makes reading very easy no matter what the angle is. The number of drill strokes can be monitored digitally, and settings are extremely simple to change,for either drilling or tapping. The machine has a push-button cut-off emergency switch, and safety guard. It has a depth control 'quick-adjust'. The FLOTT tb 13 specifications and dimensions The FLOTT tb 13 has a durable and reliable 220 V (phase 0.7) high power motor. The range of speed for the unit is 40-4,000 rpm and includes a drive that has a variable frequency. The FLOTT tb 13 can drill up to half an inch in steel, and has a tapping maximum capacity of 5/16 inches.