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Used Ferrari 330 Coupé for sale

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Category: Coupé
Model: 330
Condition: Used
  • Ferrari 330 GT Nembo Spider

    - Widely regarded as the fourth and final Nembo Spider not to mention the only RHD car and the sole 330-series 4-litre V12 powered example|- Commissioned from and reconfigured by Giorgio Neri (the ''Ne'' of Nembo)|- The jewel in the crown of the late Richard Allen''s collection since 1992 (Mr Allen was chairman of the Ferrari Owners'' Club of Great Britain for many years)|- Offered for sale at No Reserve to benefit the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service|Widely acknowledged as the fourth and final Nembo Spider, chassis 5805GT was commissioned from Giorgio Neri (the ''Ne'' of Nembo) during the 1980s by a wealthy British collector whose stable also included one of the three 330 GTOs ever made. Unlike its earlier siblings, chassis 5805GT was based around a 330 GT chassis and running gear (rather than 250-series components). The two-seater also differed in being the only right-hand drive example made. The first Nembo Spider - chassis 1777GT - was completed in 1966 and has been credited with

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