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Used EMCO Maximat Super 11 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Center lathe
Model: Maximat Super 11
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: EMCO
Model: Maximat Super 11
Condition: Used
Motor power: 1,1 / 1,4 kW
25 dp thread: 96-11 DP
Spindle bore: 26 mm
Center height: 140 mm
Weight approx: 170 kg
Dimensions approx: 1400 x 800 x 1400 mm
Diameter above the bed: 280 mm
Distance between centers: 650 mm
Turning diameter over slide: 170 mm
Subcategory: Conventional Lathes

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Product description for EMCO Maximat Super 11

The EMCO Maximat Super 11 was the largest lathe that EMCO ever built. Even so, standing at 5.5 inches at the centre, and 25.6 inches between centres, professional engineers and home hobbyists alike continue to be on the lookout for an EMCO Maximat Super 11 for sale. Overview Each Maximat Super 11 was built with a hardened bed as standard. As far as threads go, a range from 0.5 to 2mm is available on 6 inch threads, and 9 to 64 tpi on 15 inch threads. However, by getting an extra change wheel, even more threads become available. Power output from the three phase motor maxes out at 1.0kw. Operating the Maximat Super 11 The Maximat Super 11 is renowned for its reliability, even under high workloads, and its efficiency. Every EMCO Maximat Super 11 for sale will have a screw cutting gear box. Add to this the independent power sliding and surface feeds (operated via one lever at the apron), the Super 11 can be operated by experienced and beginner machinists alike. The EMCO Maximat Super 11 is ideal for those looking to step up from a smaller machine, those starting out in machining who have the space, and even professional machinists looking for a reliable workhorse.