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Used Caterpillar D6 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Bulldozers
Model: D6
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: D6
Condition: Used
Brakes contracting band
Fuel tank 48 gal [181.7 L]
Ag rear 16-inch tracks
Chassis crawler
Cab Open operator station.
Height (hood) 75.25 inches [191 cm]
Length 149.2 inches [378 cm]
Rated RPMs 1600
Rear tire tracks
Coolant capacity 49 qts [46.4 L]
Width 80.5 inches [204 cm] (60" gauge)
Gears 5 forward and 4 reverse
Air cleaner oil bath
Wheelbase 85.625 inches [217 cm]
Weight (shipping) 16.695 lbs [7572 kg] (60" gauge)
Ag front 16-inch tracks
Steering manual clutch
Weight 16695 to 17330 pounds
Bore/Stroke 4.50x5.50 inches [114 x 140 mm]
Drawbar (tested) 74.82 hp [55.8 kW]
Rear tread 60 inches [152 cm] 74 inches [187 cm]
Front tire tracks
Starter type 2-cylinder pony engine
Clutch dry disc
Clearance (drawbar) 14 inches [35 cm]
Ground clearance 12.5 inches [31 cm]
Oil capacity 38 qts [36.0 L]
Belt (tested) 92.52 hp [69.0 kW]
Type gear

Caterpillar D6 from other providers

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CATERPILLAR D6 Construction Bulldozer 

Caterpillar logo

CATERPILLAR D6 bulldozer
CATERPILLAR D6 bulldozer

The D6 is with a CAT-engine C6.6 ACERT and a CAT module for clean emissions. Thus, he brings the customers required performance and efficiency. The C6.6 cat is an engine. ACERT is a combination of components, which involve electronics, fuel systems, air management systems and components of exhaust after-treatment. The system will be optimized according to motor size, the type of use and the geographical field of application. The technologies are used systematically and strategically, to meet high customer expectations of productivity, fuel use, reliability and longevity.

The D6 is equipped with the Delta drive that keeps heavy shocks from the side drives, axles and steering components. The modular design supports the maintenance and contributes to the reduction of maintenance costs. A wide range of drive configurations and ground plate designs enables performance tuning.

CAT D6 Dozer
CAT D6 Dozer shovelling earth

Used CAT D6 Bulldozer For Sale

If you own a construction company and in need of a bulldozer to enlarge your fleet of machines or even just starting buying a used CAT D6 dozer can be an inexpensive solution for you. Finding a used D6 dozer for sale can be tricky, but if you find one and win the bid in an industrial auction for the used CAT D6, you have just saved yourself a lot of money for your business. One might think that getting a used dozer might be costly with maintenance, but not if you buy one from a well established brand such as a used CATERPILLAR dozer. Their machines and dozer are one of the most popular due to their durability and low maintenance. So when finding a used CAT D6 dozer for sale, don't hesitate and bid on it.

High Efficiency And Easy Steering With The CAT D6 Dozer

The differential transformer acts as a hydrodynamic component between engine and gearbox and provides a high torque multiplication and an optimal combination of operational efficiency and drive reliability.The differential steering leads the full power to two tracks in curves. So, the machine with load levelling achieved the best cornering of their class. If a running chain is accelerated, the other at the same rate is slowed. This improves the manoeuvrability and shorter cycle times for some applications.

CATERPILLAR D6 Gives The Best Working Experience 

CAT D6 exhaust pipe
CAT D6 exhaust pipe

The differential steering controls provide manoeuvrability and precision, as they are required in confined work areas and nearby buildings. Direction can be performed (FNR switch) and replacement, as well as the transmission circuit with only one lever for the differential steering. The electronically controlled transmission is switched using the knurled wheel and function for adjusting the speed the speed can be precisely controlled. The desired operating speed is with the speed setting(forward) to easily save and recall.

CAT D6 Specs Details

Engine Model Cat C9.3 ACERT
Flywheel Power 205.0 hp
Fuel Tank 112.0 gal
Cooling System 17.0 gal
Engine Crankcase 6.5 gal
Operating Weight 46158.0 lb

Thanks to its insulated suspension of pressure-ventilated driver's cab, dust, noise and vibration are reduced. Large glass Windows allow excellent visibility. Interval wipers provide best vision in bad weather. The air conditioning system provides better cooling performance and is located in the driver's cab with roll over protection (ROPS, roll over protective structure).The capacitor is located under the hood and is easier to maintain. The cab is wired for a radio equipped with two speakers, an antenna and a radio provision. A voltage converter (12 V / 10 A) is used as an additionalpower supply for mobile phones and two-way radios. The driver's cab contains also practical storage compartments, a cup holder and a hanger.

Product description for Caterpillar D6

The CAT D6 is a medium-sized bulldozer. The track-type tractor was designed for a variety of applications, particularly construction. Variants of the D6 have also been available for specialty uses including agriculture. A CAT D6 for sale from dealers or a used CATERPILLAR D6 dozer for sale at auction can be a unique collectors item or a useful machine for dozing applications. About the CATERPILLAR D6 Bulldozer The CATERPILLAR D6 Bulldozer is designed to move material over short distances and through challenging terrain including steep slopes. Low ground pressure versions of the D6 are also available for use in muddy areas. The powerful but compact machine weighs between 16 and 20 tones, although CATERPILLAR D6 specs vary depending on the model and configuration. The bulldozer CATERPILLAR D6 is often found in construction applications, as well as forestry and agriculture. The versatility and reliability of bulldozer D6 models in a variety of conditions has also made it popular for military use. CATERPILLAR D 6 Production History The U.S.-made D6 was first introduced by Caterpillar in 1935 as the RD6. The early tractor featured a three-cylinder, 45-horsepower D6600 engine. After 1937, the tractor was known as the Caterpillar D 6 and continues to be known as such. In 1941, Caterpillar rolled out a refreshed D6 Cat under the 4R and 5R Series with 55-horsepower, six-cylinder D4600 engines that had also been used in the CATERPILLAR D5. The D 6 dozer has been reinvented and refreshed several times throughout its history. In 1947, the D6 CATERPILLAR 4R and 5R were replaced with the 8U and 9U series, which featured 60-inch narrow and 74-inch wide gauges respectively. The newer tractors were designed with a six-cylinder CATERPILLAR D318 engine that produced 66 horsepower. In 1959, the follow-up to the D 6 CATERPILLAR 8U and 9U tractors was the D6B. This was followed by the D6C in 1963 and the D6D in 1977. The D6D boasted a 140-horsepower engine. It was also available with a 125-horsepower engine for agriculture use. In 1986, the Hi-Drive D6H entered the market and for the first time featured an elevated drive sprocket undercarriage. Later versions included the D6R in 1996. As of March 2015, a CATERPILLAR d6 for sale from suppliers are available in three models. Current versions of the D 6 CAT include the 140-horsepower D6M, the 125-horsepower D6K, the 150-horsepower D6N, and the 165-horsepower D6T. The three models weight between 12,886 and 21,178 kilograms. CATERPILLAR D6 Dozer Blades A D6 dozer for sale from suppliers or used D6 dozers for sale at auction is available with various blades. CATERPILLAR D6 dozer blades are front-mounted. When considering a D6 CAT dozer for sale at auction, be sure to take into account the type of blade and what you might need or prefer before bidding. Varieties include the straight blade or S-Blade, which is a short blade with no lateral curve or side wings. The Dozer CAT D6 S-Blade is designed for fine grading. The tall, curved Universal Blade or U-Blade features large side wings is designed for transporting larger quantities of materials. The S-U Blade combination is shorter, has less curvature and has smaller side wings than the U-Blade. The CAT D 6 is also available with VPAT, or Variable Pitch Angle and Tilt. This is a straight blade that has the ability to alter the blade’s pitch forward or backwards. The VPAT feature is also capable of hydraulically raising, tilting or angling the blade for fine grading use. CAT D6 Dozer Attachments The D6 CATERPILLAR bulldozer is available with a selection of rear attachments for specific tasks. A D6 CAT for sale at auction might include a tower scraper, a ripper with single or multiple shanks for breaking hard soil and rock, and a hydraulic winch for towing or pulling. The rear of the D6 CATERPILLAR dozer can also be fitted with large steel slabs in order to add weight and help with heavy dozing. When looking at a CATERPILLAR D6 dozer for sale at auction, be sure to consider which attachment you might need or prefer. D6 CATERPILLAR Dozer for Sale A D6 CATERPILLAR for sale from sellers is attractive for collectors as well as operators. A newer CAT D6 dozer for sale at auction is also a viable choice for construction, forestry operations, and other dozing applications. Original D6 dozer models are generally too large for most collectors, although they can be impressive machines to preserve and showcase.