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Used Caterpillar 950 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Wheeled Loaders
Model: 950
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: 950
Condition: Used
Weight: 3,600.00 lbs
Division: Mining & Construction
Subcategory: Front Loader

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CAT 950 wheel loader
CAT 950 wheel loader

CATERPILLER 950 Wheel Loader

The CATERPILLER 950 wheel loader is equipped with an ACERT engine according to EU level IV,which has a combination of proven electronics -, fuel -, air - and treatment components. Thanks to systematic and strategic application can be optimized proven technologies and meets the high expectations of our customers productivity and fuel efficiency. The deep system integration can reduce pollutant emissions and fuel consumption and performance, without disrupting the machine performance,thus to allow a seamless operation. With it's reliability, durability, and versatility the 950 even better your requirements.

The electronics used in cat engines in accordance with EU level IV is more powerful and robust than ever before. Thanks to higher quality and reliability, consistent components and connectors provide an increased customer satisfaction. The shielded harness ensures reliability even in the most demanding applications.

CATERPILLAR 950 wheel loader
CATERPILLAR 950 wheel loader

Hydraulic System of the CATERPILLER 950

The hydraulic system of the CATEPILLAR 95 has significant design changes and has a significantly improved customer benefits. The main hydraulic valve is a mono block valve with an integrated switching element for hydraulic vibration damping. The Mono block construction saves weight and has 40 percent of fewer leaks can be found in all models of the 950-series. By adding a second remote valve a third and fourth auxiliary hydraulic circuit can be fitted at the factory or on site without any problems.

CATERPILLER 950 Powerful Engine

CAT 950 engine
CAT 950 engine

The Powertrain of the CATEPILLAR 950 has been improved through a 5-speed transmission, which by default includes a torque converter lock-up clutch. This new torque converter were also adapted to the engine power and hydraulics, to improve the performance and fuel efficiency. These robust counter shaft narrow shoots are also equipped with a new oil system with flow divider, which uses a new multi grade oil and thus contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption.

The C7 cat engine. 1 ACERT waiting with optimum fuel efficiency and higher power density and at the same time meets the EU emission standards stage IV. This engine offers innovative cat electronics, fuel injection, air intake management, a selective catalytic reduction after treatment solution and a fuel-saving regeneration system. The cat regeneration system automatically removes soot from the diesel particulate filter, without interrupting the working cycle of the machine. Innovative systems reduce the average engine speeds and heat stress on the system overall in a smart way, which leads to a greatly increased capacity and greater fuel efficiencyץ

CATERPILLAR 950 wheel loader dimensions

Product description for Caterpillar 950

The CATERPILLAR 950 loader was first introduced in the USA in 1964 and was manufactured until 1984. During its production more than 56,000 models in many countries around the world were manufactured. CAT 950 The 950 loader features a D330 four cylinder engine that produces an impressive 125 flywheel horsepower. The 950 CAT loader comes complete with powershift transmission that powers the vehicle’s four wheel drive. The CAT 950 comes with articulated steering as standard, while calliper brakes were added to the model from 1972 onwards. CAT 950 Specs This mighty wheel loader boasts an operational weight of just under 13,000kgs and a fuel capacity of 201 litres. The dump clearance at the maximum raise dimensions measures 2,820 millimetres, while the length of the vehicle with the bucket on the ground is 6,170 millimetres and the width over the tyres is 2,410 millimetres. Other CAT 950 specs include a height of 3,320 millimetres, a reach of 740 millimetres and a ground clearance of 381 millimetres. Reasons to Check Out the CAT 950 Loader The popularity of this model both during and after production mean that are large number of models of the CAT 950 loader for sale are available. This model is extremely durable and people who are looking for a used CAT 950 loader should find that it is in excellent condition and comes complete with most of its original parts. Because this model has been modified several times over the years, it is best to look for a later model that was produced after 1978.