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Used Bobcat S185 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Skid Steers
Model: S185
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: S185
Condition: Used
Operating weight (lbs): 6220
Engine make: Kubota
Engine model: V2607-DI-TE3B-BC-2
Net power (hp): 61
Ground clearance (in): 7.5"
Max travel speed (mph): 7
Rated operating load, standard (lbs): 1850
Operating load with optional counterweight (lbs): 1950
Tipping load, standard (lbs): 4076
Height to bucket pin (in): 118.2"
Dump height @ bucket discharge (in): 91.0"
Max dump angle @ full height (deg): 42°
Bucket breakout (lbs): 3500
Lift type Radial (R) or Vertical (V): V
Arm lifting force (lbs): 3425
Overall length w/bucket (in): 130.3"
Width over tires (in): 66"
Rear angle of departure (deg): 23°
Wheelbase (in): 40.6"
Standard pump flow (gpm): 16.9
Optional pump flow (gpm): 26.4
Hydraulic pressure (psi): 3350
Fuel tank (gal): 24
Hydraulic system/tank (gal): 8.5 / --

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Bobcat S185 Skid Steer Loaders

BobCat S185
Bobcat S185 skid steer loader

Logo BobcatThis used S185 skid steer loader for sale from the American manufacturer BOBCAT convinces anyone with its productivity and flexibility due to its features and specifications. This excellent skid steer loader, BOBCAT  S185, is still manufactured; the quality and the great lifting height of 3 m and the vertical lift path of 0.75 m makes this skid steer very versatile. The Bobcat S185 is powered by a V2003M-DI-T KUBOTA diesel engine with 4 cylinders and a tank capacity of 87.1 liters. The skid steer loaders can be ideally used to be loaded to trucks or other transport vehicles.

To gather more information about the BOBCAT S185 we recommend that you download the specs sheet as PDF. Here you will find important information about BOBCAT skid steer loaders and can make an informed purchase decision.

BOBCAT S185 specs pdf sheet for download: BobCat S185-Leaflet_EN

Bobcat S185 Dimensions

Dimensions BobCat S185
BobCat S185 Specifications

Buy Used Bobcat S185 For Sale

Buying a second-hand S185 skid steer loaders from BOBCAT usually helps save money when finding one for sale opposed to a new purchase of a skid steer. Especially in second-hand market and auctioneers one can find a cheap deal for a used BOBCAT S185 that you need to buy. Due to the high quality of Bobcat construction machinery, it is very worthwhile to buy a used Bobcat S185 skid steer at a second-hand sale. another advantage you can get from finding a used BOBCAT S185 for sale at the used market is availability. The used skid steer from bobcat can be at your doorstep much faster than buying it at some official dealer that will make you wait.

Bobcat S185 Video

Product description for Bobcat S185

The BOBCAT S185 skid steer loader was first introduced in 2002. The discontinued loader remains an effective and versatile option, whether you are looking for a skid steer loader for a construction site, to move freight and pallets, forestry management, or for another application. A used BOBCAT S185 for sale at auction is also an affordable and cost-saving alternative to buying a brand new loader. BOBCAT S185 Specs The BOBCAT S185 is fitted with a diesel turbocharged engine. Made by Japanese manufacturer Kubota, the 56-horespower engine has four cylinders and a displacement of 122 cubic inches. Its operating speed is 7.3 miles per hour, and its maximum speed is 11.1 miles per hour. Other standard BOBCAT S185 specs include a rare window, lift-arm support and an adjustable seat, an interlock system, engine shutdown, a high flow option, a Bob-Tach attachment system, and auxiliary hydraulics. A S185 BOBCAT for sale at auction might also have a range of optional features that were added when the loader was first sold, including a hydraulic bucket positioning system, a suspension seat, cab enclosure, cab heater and air conditioning, and other extras. S185 BOBCAT Dimensions The S185 BOBCAT is 130.3 inches long and 68 inches wide the standard bucket and 101.8 long and 66 inches without the attachment. The height of the loader is 76.3 inches and its reach at maximum height is 29.6 inches. The loader’s wheelbase is 40.6. Its operating weight is 5,808 pounds and the tipping load is 3,900 pounds. The loader is fitted with a 23-gallon fuel tank. A BOBCAT S185 for sale at auction may also have a range of attachments in addition to the standard bucket, including grapple buckets, trenchers, pallet forks, dozer blades, hydraulic augers, brush cutters, stump grinders, and other attachments.