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Market Overview:

Used Amada HA 400 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Horizontal Band Saw
Model: HA 400
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: HA 400
Condition: Used
Subcategory bandsaw
Feed length 3 times 1800 mm
Cutting capacity round 400 mm
Motor power 5.5 kW
Weight approx 2 t
Saw band dimensions 4570 x 32 x 1.0 mm
Exterior measurements 2370 x 2670 x 1610/2310 mm
cutting speed 15-90 m / min.

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Amada HA400  Horizontal Band Saw


The AMADA HA 400 is an automatic, horizontal band saw, designed and built in the 70’s. Its dimensions are 2700mm(L) x 2300 mm(W) x 1600 mm(H) and weighs 1600 kg (all approximate). The HA 400 is well specified with a maximum round bar capacity of 400 mm and maximum square of 400 x 400 at a maximum of 90o. Features of the AMADA HA400 The AMADA HA400 features a 4720 x 32 x 0.6 (LxHxTh) saw band that is powered by a 5.5 kW motor which will give a blade speed of between 24,000 and 90,500 mm/min. It benefits from a chip conveyor and an on-board cooling system.The AMADA HA 400 has been in service for a number of years and is highly praised for its reliability and robust construction, making it an ideal addition to the work shop.

Amada HA400 Horizontal Band Saw
Amada HA400 Horizontal Band Saw

The Amada HA 400 for sale is an all around usable completely programmed machine for cutting metals of assorted types: bars, sectional steel, channels - independently and in batches. In programmed mode, portion length and number of pieces can be preselected. In conjunction with the chip transport included with the standard gear, the HA-400 W is specific suitable for expansive group production. However, the machine is additionally extremely suitable for single cuts. On account of the food tight clamp, for instance, situating of the material is greatly simple.The joined food weight framework with the alternative of either consistent or burden ward food weight as indicated by material cross area, acquires best results terms of cutting execution and administration life of the apparatuses.

Amada HA400 Operators Console
Amada HA400 Operators Console
Amada HA400. Operators Full Stroke Vises
Amada HA400. Operators Full Stroke Vises


Amada HA400  Horizontal Band Saw Specs and Dimensions

   Cutting Capacity     Round (Diameter)     0.5" - 16"
   Rectangle (W x H)     16" x 16"
   Work Load Capacity      5511 lbs.
   Work Feed     Feed Stroke     19.6" (Maximum 9 Times Index)
   Feed Length     0.394" - 177"
   Saw Blade     Blade Size     (L x T x W) 15' x 0.050"x 1-1/2"
   Blade Speed     50 - 295 ft./min., 60 Hz (Stepless)
   Motors      Saw Blade Motor     7.5 HP (5.5 kW)
   Hydraulic Pump Motor     2 HP (1.5 kW)
   Cutting Fluid Pump Motor     0.24 HP (0.18 kW)
   Machine Dimensions (W x L x H)     Head Up Position     95.5" x 106.3" x 95.5"
   Head Down Position     90.0" x 106.3" x 62.4"
   Table Height (Above Floor)      31.5"
   Machine Weight      4851 lbs.

Amada HA400  Horizontal Band Saw video