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Market Overview:

Used Altendorf WA 6 Sliding Table Saw for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Model: WA 6
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: WA 6
Condition: Used
Sawblade tiltable 45 °
Control konventionell
Subcategory Panel sizing circular saws
Motor output 4 kW
Length of the rolling table 1450.1850.2500 mm
Division Woodworking
Quotation ex work
Cutting width 1000 mm

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Product description for Altendorf WA 6

The ALTENDORF wa6 is the smallest saw that the company produce, but even though the dimensions are small the ALTENDORF wa6 has many notable features. The ALTENDORF wa6 price includes crosscut fences and a high precision sliding table. The ALTENDORF has been designed by experts to deliver an ultra professional design concept that means that it is simple to operate and will perform, mitre and special angles cuts with ease. The motor specification of the ALTENDORF wa6 The ALTENDORF wa6 price includes a motor that has a drive rating of three kilowatts (4 hp). The speed is 4200 rpm. ALTENDORF wa6 for sale dimensions The ALTENDORF wa6 for sale weighs 1000 pounds (450 kilograms). The cutting length of the ALTENDORF wa 6 is 2500 millimetres, and the maximum cutting height is 87 millimetres (3.43 inches). The saw blade diameter is 315 millimetres (12.4 inches). The cutting width to the rip fence of the ALTENDORF wa 6 is 1300 millimetres (51.18 inches). The crosscutting on the crosscut-mitre fence of the wa6 ALTENDORF can be up to 2600 millimetres (102.26 inches). The total height of the wa6 ALTENDORF is 910 millimetres (35.83 inches).