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Market Overview:

Used Altendorf TKR 45 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Model: TKR 45
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: TKR 45
Condition: Used
cutting length 1400 mm
cutting width 1000 mm
main motor 5.5 kW
scoring saw 0.75 kW

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Altendorf TKR 45 from other providers

  • 6,048 € $ 7,121 £ 5,301 CHF 7,042 ₹ 457,788 C$ 9,111 ₴ 192,475 25,543 zł R 96,148 ₨ 785,291 28,007 lei ₽ 419,013 ₦ 2,571,056 Mex$ 136,122

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Altendorf Logo

Altendorf TKR45 Sliding Table Saw

In order to produce concrete formwork, a simple table saw is enough. The furniture sector needed a  much more precise table saw, then  ALTENDORF invented the sliding table saw. With the high tolerance that makes possible precise  woodworking, the sliding table saws ALTENDORF can always come up. The ALTENDORF TKR 45 is one of the entry-level machines, which is distributed with great success for many years.

Dimensions altendorf tkr45
The compact dimensions of ALTENDORF TKR45

The basic module already in very elaborate and well-equipped machine  has achieved through its wide distribution on the used market prices, which are also amateur craftsmen and founders the dream of their own ALTENDORF - can satisfy sliding table saw. The TKR 45 is the table saws variant of the F 45 sliding table saw. Used ALTENDORF this table saw is very popular and regularly finds new customers. 

The ALTENDORF tkr45 product description

The ALTENDORF tkr45 comes with a powerful motor and is square fence powered. The machine is Parallel fence that can be lowered and has a cooling spray device. It has an angle stop with parallelogram cross table

The ALTENDORF tkr 45 specifications and dimensions

altendorf TKR 45
The ALTENDORF TKR 45 Table Saw

The ALTENDORF tkr 45 weighs 700 kilograms (approximate). The ALTENDORF tkr 45 has a sliding table with a length of 800 millimetres. The maximum cutting height of this unit is 300 millimetres. it comes with a scoring aggregate. The cutting width is 80 millimetres, and the saw blade diameter (Maximum) is 1350 millimetres. The scoring saw cutting height is 30 millimetres. This machine comes with a main motor that has a power capacity of 4 kilowatts. The machine is compact and the amount of floor space needed is 1700 millimetres X 1400 millimetres. The machine is 1530 millimetres high.

Features and specifications of ALTENDORF TKR45 please refer to the data sheet, which you can download as a PDF. 

ALTENDORF TKR 45 Datasheet