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Market Overview:

Used Altendorf C 45 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Model: C 45
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: C 45
Condition: Used
CE-mark Yes
Cutting width mm 700
Scoring saw cutting width Spacer discs
Main motor power kW 4
Scoring aggregate Yes
Saw blade height adjustment manually
Scoring saw height adjustment electro-motive
Digital display of angle Yes
Weight kg 925
Length of sliding table mm 2800
Cutting height max mm 80
Scoring saw width adjustment manually
Required space lxwxh 6110x4750
Saw blade tiltable manually
Saw blade diameter max mm 315

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The Altendorf C45 Saw Mill

Technical specifications
   Cutting length    2800 mm
   Format cuts    2800 x 2800 mm
   Drive    4 kW
   number of revolutions    4200 U / min
   Saw blade height at 45 °    0-53 mm
   Saw blade height vertical    0-75 mm
   Weight    880 kg

The ALTENDORF c45 is an excellent quality precision sliding table panel saw. Manufactured and designed in Germany, the machine for sale is very compact and easy to use. With a robust frame and a powerful motor, the ALTENDORF c45 is the ideal tool for simple cutting to more complex angles.

Altendorf c45
Altendorf c45

The ALTENDORF c45 features

The ALTENDORF has a short sliding table, and a miter saw blade that pivots and can be adjusted for height and tilt. This is done by hand using the adjusting wheel. The rip fence of this unit is manually adjustable.

The ALTENDORF C 45 dimensions

The ALTENDORF c 45 weighs 1,100 kilograms. The amount of floor space that the ALTENDORF c 45 will take up is 3300 x 1800 x 1830 millimetres. The motor of the machine has a rated power capacity of four kilowatts. The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 75 millimetres. The angle of blade tilt is between 90-45 degrees. The maximum cutting height at 45 degrees is 53 millimetres. The rip fence capacity is 1300 millimetres, and the scoring blade motor is power rated at one hp. The scoring unit rotation speed is 9000 rpm.

The ALTENDORF C 45 video