Everything is measurable and evaluable in our online world. And that’s why classic marketing changes into performance-orientated sales activities.

  • old school
  • Desire for branding
  • Budget and action planning
  • Unknown waste of ressources
  • Assigning success to marketing actions is hard
  • Progress
  • Targeted marketing campaign (turnover and margin assignable)
  • Live data allow fast adjustments
  • Continious adjustment to reach the goal
  • Detailed measuring and evaluation

So some paradigm changes are pending, demonstrated by other industries. This enables us to see how to prepare early for trading machinery online.

Interesting fact: In year 2000 journeys were booked online only to 10 %. In 2016 we are up to 62 %.
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This stuff is adaptable for all other consumer goods. Delayed this evolution happens to the B-to-B-section (Business-to-Business). Accenture presents an interesting study which says, that 86 % B-to-B companies offer online shopping on the website by now.
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For this sector there are still insufficient numbers. Online auctions are growing more and more each day. Ritchie Brothers tells about the increase of online buys from 36 % in 2012 to 50 % in 2016 – although they “celebrate” their auctions offline in a successful manner.
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While online-offers increase, new traders arise offering online shopping – for example www.equippo.com
That’s why we guess that most of machines will sell online in 10 years – by auctions and by private treaty.

Digitalization means numbers, data and facts. Today the individual user source and behaviour can be identified with simple methods. So the process from request to transaction can be analysed and improved in detail. These kind of acquisition are called “tracking”. One of the simplest tools is Google Analytics, which is offered by Google itself.

The last years of development taught us, that large and strong trends aren’t stoppable by ignoring or boycotting. As Google was growing trade directories were trying to resist. Book shops complained about Amazon entering Europe. Also Facebook was unstoppable. Why should there be a difference to B-to-B?

The chance should be taken – like other industries did it before. Seeing the trend, joining and growing early. That’s no big decision because everything is testable and measurable.

We are experienced e-commerce professionals, passioned in mechanical engineering. Digitalization means change for every industry. This fact creates winners and losers. We’d love to see our clients and partners as winners – that’s all!

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