For the internet search engines are an integral component. Wouldn’t you be happy, if your entry is listed first on a google’s result list? And as searching user? How would we find something, if google would not exist? The internet is full with billions of websites with lots of content. But only search engines enable us to find them.

Search engines slide through the internet, scan websites and collect relevant pieces of information. These pieces are saved and provided for searching. After submitting a search term the user gets the best matches in a result list. The next click is leading to the desired website.

You can search for everything on google, but you won’t get the best solutions for most of the use cases. Often the results are diversified. “Wish for extensive information” is always fighting against a “specific solution” of a submitted search – two targets in conflict.
Therefore specific search engines have established for different industries. They resolve specific problems: Trivago provides a fast overview of hotels, Kayak creates an overview of flights, idealo generates an overview of electrical goods and Ladenzeile is specialized on fashion.

The main interest of the user ist the availability of goods. Answering this question for the used machinery market is still hard. Traders and auctioneers have varying stock. So the situation is a bit more complex and getting a nice summary on Google is not available for the user.

By now some search engines establish on the used machinery market, too. For example: Maschinensucher „search engine for machinery“ or TradeMachines „Find used machinery“. Some of these companies (like Maschinensucher) show only results, for which traders have to pay for. Others like TradeMachines collect all matching search results and place payed once primarily – like Google. The second approach creates more transparency for the user and non-paying traders get an additional value.

Search engines like described before appeal to customers. The growth speaks for itself.

Impact of meta search engines

  • Buyers
  • Transparency for the market
  • Summary of currently available goods
  • Comparison of the individual offers
  • Saving time while searching
  • Sellers
  • More efficiency of capacity and liquidity
  • Additional visibility on search engines
  • Instant access to new groups of buyers
  • Simple technical integration

Appealing for sellers: Search engines do not make a difference between large companies and small ones. The giant pays the same price like “Paul Parker Construction Machines”. The best offer will win.

In general any kind of online advertising and marketing is great to measure. So the efficiency of the costs are assessable. That’s why trivago (as an example for the hotel industry) is very successful. Of course there are different contact points. It’s helpful to make products available and popular in many locations. Therefore Coca Cola is advertised everywhere and the product is available in many stores. Meta search engines have established as drivers for specific needs in different industries.
With the help of Kayak a lot more flights are booked than ever before. Due to the price adoption a lot more people are able to afford short trips.
Idealo creates trust and transparency.

Search engines are allowed to summarize content – similar to a review. But they are not allowed to use images and videos as they like. There are some strict rules. Google helps itself by redirecting this content directly, like mentioning sources.

In some cases it is better to hide content of a website for search engines. Therefore the internet provides a simple solution – you can add the following info to every page: “Dear search engine, don’t save me, please!” You can find detailed information for example here:
By deciding this, you should be aware that your content is not longer available for search engines.

We are experienced e-commerce professionals, passioned in mechanical engineering. Digitalization means change for every industry. This fact creates winners and losers. We’d love to see our clients and partners as winners – that’s all!

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