Generating interest and requests or deals online depends on clear rules. If “Excavator – Used” is the only information added to a picture of an old orange Excavator, you should not expect applause.

Photos are the business card of your machine on the internet and for the seller, too. The machine should be cleaned up and be placed in front of a bright and plain background. Or just hang a white curtain behind the machine for the picture. For giving the best impression, the machine should be shooted from every side and of course details shouldn’t be neglected. Videos create a great overview! Think about filming a walk around of the machine and ideally the machine in action. Only a real inspection could be better than that. Here you can find a post about photo arrangements.
A study of AirBnB tells, that nice pictures are more effective for sales than nice reviews of clients.

The specific information on type and model of the machine is very helpful. Manufacturer and model should be placed in the headline. This improves discovering the product via search engines.
example: “DECKEL FP1 tool milling machine” instead of “milling machine”

Invoices, service documentations, manuals, manufacturer changes, additional modules, …
All documents belonging to the machine help the buyer to inform about a serious offer and to generate trust.

Nothing is more boring than reading the same texts again and again. The description of a used machinery should be individual. It is not only a hand-me-down and the buyer knows for sure. Working hours, milage, small damages, … all these characterizes a used machinery and should be stated for avoid surprises in the end. Telling about damages is honest and raises confidence.

Generating trust is the most important psychological aspect in e-commerce. Because the buyer does not know you, you can’t show him your great personality. Providing contact details and name a contact person makes it easier to communicate with you.

We are experienced e-commerce professionals, passioned in mechanical engineering. Digitalization means change for every industry. This fact creates winners and losers. We’d love to see our clients and partners as winners – that’s all!

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