Everybody wants to be found on Google. For that you have to be on top of the result list. Any high placement means growth of turnover. A study has shown that 89 % of clicks are made on the first page and the topmost position grabs nearly 36 % by itself.

(CTR = Click-Through-Rate = Click, which leads the user to the website)

Google defines itself as a service, which provides the maximum amount of information on the world wide web. Google is constantly indexing all websites and their contents. When Google finds a context that seems to be relevant for the particular website, Google keeps this page in mind and shows it whenever a word belonging to that context is searched. The better the match, the higher the website’s position will be on Google’s result list. Whenever a user clicks the search feedback Google analyses how fast the user returns (= bounce rate) and clicks on the next search result – In that case the result was not the perfect match, which is a negative for Google and thus will rank the site lower. That’s why some pages rank on top and others don’t. Google always asks itself:

To be among the best search results there are some important parameters needed because Google’s users expect them:

6 rules to consider:

  1. Simple and clear usability of your website also for new users. The users will stay longer and this is a positive sign for Google.
  2. Page speed of your website should be less than 2 seconds load time. Significantly higher time for loading causes bouncing – and that’s a disadvantage at Google.
  3. The website should be usable for general smart phones without zooming – e.g. Google analyses if buttons are large enough for clicking and so on.
  4. Always work on your search engine optimization (SEO) and your performance marketing on Google – professional assistance is judged as a plus.
  5. Structure your data! Mark product data by manufacturer, type and price to allow Google to recognize them. That supports listing for some requests.
  6. Gather attention and links. Therefore list on sector-specific platforms and Google will consider these links as “relevant for this industry”.

The most important thing is to use Google Webmaster Tools. Installing is pretty easy. After registration a html-code is provided which has to be integrated into the equal website – that’s it! The technical admin of your website knows, what to do.

What Webmaster Tools are telling you:

  • Are there any technical mistakes on my website?
  • How many pages are registered at Google?
  • For which search requests is my website ranking?
  • Does my website work on mobile devices, too?

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