To view the own website through the eyes of Google is exciting. The possibility to do so for the websites of a competitor is known by few. Here are some tips and tricks.

Google is a powerful tool for researching. By using different operators you can find out a lot of details about other websites.
Using the search parameter site you can limit the search results to a certain internet domain and you get the count of listed websites: For example you could find out about the website by putting in to Google: And you will find as a result: 14 Mio search results.

Using the same way you can find out if a competitor has a certain machine listed. Often Google is better than the search of the website itself – if the website has a search at all.
For example if you look for a John Deere in an auction of IronPlanet you would put into the Google Search: “john deere”.

Google gives a lot more opportunities. Here you can find an extensive list of Google parameters for you espionage.

Through the website you will get a lot of insights about other websites, also of your competition. For example you can see the amount of visitors of the website.

Also through that website your can see the visitor sources. These tools watch the internet visitor streams and can recalculate them towards certain websites. The assignment down to single sources is possible, like an example of one of our clients shows:

To be actively informed by Google about new appearances of your or a competitor brand, they provide Google Alert as tool. Here you can register to be informed for certain search terms appearing, including all the logic we saw above.

… which can help analyze your competitors. Check it out and get inspired!

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